Our Story

We are Morgann & Dylan, the owners and makers behind A Well Worn Story. We create handcrafted goods from storied materials. We live and work from our fixer upper farmhouse in northern Illinois with our two pitbull pups.

We use vintage, reclaimed, new-old stock, ethically sourced, and found objects to make long lasting treasures - keepsakes for you to take along on your journey. We search all over, gathering materials from wherever we can find them - thrift stores and flea markets, old barns and abandoned homes, local farmers and artisans living around the world. We moved to the country and started our business for a few important reasons: 

To create goods that reconnect the product and the maker.
To foster a deeper connection between the product and the consumer. 
To build handcrafted goods in the USA - specifically in our rural Midwest town - that will last a lifetime. 
To speak about the importance of conscious consuming. 
To breath new life into old things - ultimately saving materials from ending up in landfills or low-income countries. 

Our work is inspired by our small town, Midwest roots and the desire to create simple, functional products with a soul. Each item is designed and crafted in our barn studio. 

I believe the best materials also hold the best stories. The imperfect and natural wear of an object inspires me.