Holiday Gift Guide

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Last year I cleaned out my closet. All of it. I was sick of having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I put back the items I used everyday, then replaced a few with thrift store finds and DIY garments.

The pairing down of my wardrobe brought so much clarity. You have probably heard similar stories. No more clutter. No more jeans from high school taking up space. No more high heels from college shoved in the back of my closet to never be worn again (why did I ever buy those??). No more poor-quality clothing that looked bad after a couple washes. Finally, some space to breathe. Now, my entire wardrobe can fit into a large suitcase (that was not my goal, but a pretty cool outcome!)

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These days I focus on using what I already own. I want my wardrobe to be a reflection of my life and values. What I do buy, I plan to wear until it’s worn out. I try to support ethically-made fashion brands whenever possible. I make a lot of my own clothes, mend existing textiles, or buy secondhand. To put it simply, I’m intentional with my purchases.

Naturally, this mindset change has also shifted the way I think about gifting. It is less about the AMOUNT of gifts, but the quality of them. I want to support brands that practice these values. I want to purchase products that could be handed down to the next generation. Mostly, I only want gift something the person is actually going to use and enjoy. After all, that is the point, right?

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One way my family has simplified the holidays is by choosing to draw names instead of buying for everyone. Most of us have a small budget. We’re all at a stage in life where we’re saving for the next season - buying homes, building businesses, or starting families. So, instead of splitting our small gifting budget up five ways and everyone getting lots of gifts, we each spend our money on one person. I love this because I can focus on buying a meaningful gift or two for one person in my family. Everyone gets something they love. Not to mention, a shorter shopping list means less time spent buying and more time playing board games, cooking, and being together. This is what works for my family, but there are a million ways to simplify the gifting process. Be creative and honest about what you enjoy and what works for your family.

So, if you’re like me and are looking for a quality gift this season that will actually get used, here are few favorites from the shop!


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The holidays can often feel overwhelming and it’s easy to get sucked into mindless consumption. I like to remind my friends not to buy just to buy. Your dollar is your vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Let’s gift the things we truly love and will use for a long time. Gift something that you the giver AND the recipient will appreciate. It really is the thought that counts!

The cut off date for Christmas orders is this Saturday, December 1st. After that we will have a small selection of ready-to-ship items. If you want one of these handcrafted goods to show up at your door by December 25th, place your order today!

Orders will ship by December 20th. I will need all those days (and lots of coffee) to cut, sew, iron, and package each item for you!

Tell me, how are you gifting less, but better products and experiences this year?

Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season,